Top 3 Skateboard Graphics Arts of 2017 So Far

Skateboards have been alive for many many years now. While people learn and compete different ollies, flips, and all kinds of tricks, there are people who just love to design skateboards. To a certain extent, these designs even make your skateboard tricks look even better. Artists use the many different aspects of a skateboard to make an appealing design. Some use the shape of the skateboard while others even make use of flips to make an illusion. That said, here are the top 3 skateboard graphics art brands so far for this year. Note that this list is purely based on graphics and design of the brand’s boards and disregards other specs.

3. The Killing Floor

Killing Floor

If you know Jake Rupp, then you may have heard about The Killing Floor’s skateboards. Jake Rupp is undeniably one of the most underrated skaters and for The Killing Floor to literally have him on board, both the brand’s and the skater’s popularity grew almost instantly. The brand kept the hype up continuously producing one of the sickest designs to skateboards. If you are willing to know more about skate gear, please visit Almost all their boards show a different style but one thing is for sure: The Killing Floor’s design just keeps improving. When you juxtapose their boards, at times it even tells a story.

2. Alltimers/Paisley Skates

Paisley Skates

Both brands have been tied for 2nd place. Some lists you may find either have Alltimers ahead of Paisley Skates while others have it vice versa. Both seemingly have cartoon-ish effect on their designs. Although you may be wondering what exactly makes them different.

For starters, Alltimers’s design literally follows their brand name; their designs come from all times. From the time skating became a trend up until now, anything that has been popular for a time became a board design. Remember hearing “Return of the Mack” all the time? Yes, that would be the Mark Morrison board.

On the other hand, Paisley Skates took a more story-centered approach. Their board designs simply tell a story that sometimes even present an opinion about a very controversial topic. Long story short, Paisley Skates makes the perfect combination of creativity and story.

1. Quasi


Ending last year as the best brand for skateboard designs, it still sits on the throne for now. Quasi just became unique in almost all aspects compared to other brands. It started out small and had its challenging times. But that is exactly drove them to making the best designs overall. Every time they release a collection, it just keeps making skaters everywhere mind-boggled about what it means. Some may say that is possibly where Quasi got its fame from. Nevertheless, even if it doesn’t make sense, sometimes it just works out in the end, at least aesthetically.