Seth Broman aka Grym has been creating art his whole life and painting for the past 10 years. A freelance designer with a large volume of promotional work, he has produced countless flyers and graphics for music labels and musicians. Brought up on comics and graffiti culture, his unique brand of dark stencil work was inspired by a trip to Barcelona. "Street art is a part of the urban landscape there- the streets are filled with graf and stencils- its like a free art gallery. I wanted to create work that had that street level sensibility. Something that was bold, eye-catching, and conceptually interesting." Grym uses his art to make insightful statements on a variety of subjects ranging from politics to heartache to corporate life. "I paint what affects me in my world. Concepts that are interesting to me exist in the darkness of human nautre. Injustice, pain, and true evil are common themes". You can check out his paintings and his design work at

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