Adidas’s Futurecraft 4D

From an official reveal, Adidas’s innovative Futurecraft 4D sneaker inventor, Rueben Arnold has introduced a new foot ware concept which has taken most of its features from the Futurecraft and transforming it with the models of the Climacool and UltraBoost Uncaged designs. Additionally, the sneaker makes use of a sock-like fit of the Uncaged UltraBoost and featuring Primeknit construction, thus leading to a light and oxygen-crafted sole of the exceptional Futurecraft 4D.

Production of Adidas’s Futurecraft 4D

After the inauguration of the Futurecraft 4D in January, it is seen without any doubt that the sneakerheads are liking this mint-green midsole and are having a great desire for the product. As a fact, even the Adidas’s most high-end competitors are starting to get to the 4D action.

The Carbon which considers itself as a sole company which is working to revolutionize products creation through software, hardware, and molecular science is using a process known as Digital Light Synthesis in the production of a unique structure of the midsole of Futurecraft 4D. Naturally, they are using a programmable liquid called polymer resin, then exposing it to ultraviolet energy via an oxygen-permeable window that sets the shape of the sneaker.

After printing the midsole, it is then put in a forced-circulation oven for baking which then produces a heated -activated chemical effect that strengths the material.

Features of Adidas’s Futurecraft 4D

The Adidas’s Futurecraft 4D is radically new and familiar as its upper is made up of Adidas’s ultra-comfortable Primeknit material. Though it has a thick appearance, the sneaker has many perforations on the top side which allows your feet to feel cool when having a long run and in warmer weather. Also, despite the product not having visible heel counter, you can still feel it on the Primeknit.

Just like in other Adidas’s shoes, the continental rubber is also used in the Futurecraft 4D which gives you a good grip no matter the running surface. Commonly, you can easily mistake the sneaker with some varieties of Uncaged Adidas UltraBoost since the shoes look alike. However, you will only notice the differences when you take a closer look at the Futurecraft 4D which does not have the UltraBoost midsole, but instead, it is something different.

Typically, the first thing you will sense when you step in the sneaker is the soft feeling, but when you squeeze the shoe, the midsole lattice will pop into its original shape. Various parts of the Futurecraft 4D are firmer compared to others, while some feel flexible and softer, and the springy experience usually enhances the running capability.

Moreover, the heel section has a considerate amount of cushioning which lessens off drastically towards the forefoot. Another aspect noticeable in the Futurecraft 4D is that when you step in the shoe the toe off will not feel effortless like it does in the Adidas UltraBoost, but the sneaker has much bounce to step.

Test of the Adidas’s Futurecraft 4D

The Futurecraft 4D is also durable as according to the Adidas’s spokesperson, after testing the shoe in a standard 8-week wear test, they did not notice any changes in the cushioning features of the midsole. Even though the shoe weighs 11.8oz, the sneaker is not substantial on your feet, but slightly lighter.